Sunday, January 10, 2010

Achtung! Humanitar Hilfsmittel Ansage!


"Attention! Humanitarian aid announced! Der Direktorat aus Herrschaden, which provides several nations with utterly impartial military-diplomatic assistance observation Direktors, announces the following aid program, to the war-wracked country of Lifonlia, during it's Civil War crisis...

...Lietung-Direktor Otto Schwarz von Blitzenkruz, with determination to end the undue suffering of the people in Lifonlia, as soon as possible, has authorized the immediate dispatch of the following:

- 1000 Herrschaden manufactured, model 1706, pattern Alpha-minus, 'Superior-Musket', with bayonets and all equipment to suit (cleaning kits, ammunition pouches, belts, slings etc).
- 60,000 rounds of ammunition to suit above.
- 500 heavy cavalry sabres, each with sharpening stones, scabbards and belts.
- 500 Dragoon carbines, model 1706, pattern Bravo-plus, complete similar to infantry muskets.
- 8 Medium calibre artillery pieces, complete with a full front-line load of ammunition and all other equipment required to function in the field, including horses and traces etc etc etc
- 400 varied rounds of artillery ammunition to suit the above cannon.

Furthermore, each side in this terrible conflict is to receive 50% each, of the above allocation of this hardware.

This demonstrates Herrschaden's committment to remain impartial in relation to this current foreign war. We say to the people of Lifonlia: "Enjoy your war - it wont last forever".

Direktor of Science and Technology
Walther Picklesturm,
Korrekt Authorization Code ID: OIIIIIIO 


  1. Surely the army will provide enough civic-minded men (and horses where necessary) to convey these "gifts" to those who need to receive them.

    That is certainly what the Kingdom of Stagonia would do in your circumstance.

    -- Koenig Ludwig du Vile

  2. Herr Vile,
    What a pleasure for you to contact us...

    Herrschaden conveyance methods are well placed to make such a delivery. In fact, the local labor force in our protektion camps have already volunteered to provide themselves and of course, newly promoted in the field Direktor Hans Wagemueller, will be accountable for every grain of powder so supplied...

    Beware of The Ordo Vile...