Monday, January 4, 2010

Honorific Flags 2

(Translation continues):

"For service in the Lifonlian Civil War, many Herrschadeners enlisted in a special mixed-arms formation, initiated and led by Kevlar Jowetski. As Herrschaden is not formally involved in the conflict, two Unterdirektors - Josepf Haltermann and Hans Wagemueller - were posted to the troubled region to act as observers and of course, assist all  persons and protect Herrschaden State interests...

....the unit - principally an humanitarian aid formation - consists of a company of Dragoons, a section of light artillery and several cadre infantry companies. Many foreigners have enlisted in the unit, including dispossessed Lifonlians, themselves preferring Korrekt Direktion, to their anarchic, undirekted and previously miserable, wretched existence. The unit wears a grey uniform, with minor 'branch' colour distinctions - light blue for infantry, red for artillery and yellow for dragoons. The unit has been known as 'The Jowetski Legion', but is now considered 'Jowetski's Brigade', due to the influx of volunteers. It carries only the single colour, displayed below:

This flag displays selected iconography, representing many facets of the brigades homogenity.
Currently on independent service in Lifonlia.

R.I.P Kevin


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