Saturday, January 2, 2010

Distrikt Unit Flags 3

(Translation continues):

To the east of Banhalt and Erbach is the open region of Schellenberg. Bordering on the Oesterfluss, Schellenberg is open, prime cavalry country - a fact not overlooked by Direktor Rupert de Perignon, who administers this region and also (somewhat brilliantly) initiated an animal and especially cavalry-horse specific husbandry program. Schellenberg provides the Direktorat with superb numbers of highly experienced heavy cavalry, traditionally a single very large regiment, though there has been support on the board of Direktors, to raise extra cavalry units from this region. Shown below is the standard carried by the Schellenberg Heavy Horse, with the motto IMMER DURCH - ALWAYS THROUGH. The Distrikt distinguishing colour is Golden Yellow.


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