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Distrikt Unit Flags 1

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The Directorate of Herrschaden is divided into many districts. For non-Herrschadeners, this concept of division is often difficult  to understand. Distrikts are also known as regions (where geographical) or Direktorships (where administrative). A Distrikt can be both a region and a direktorship and to add into the mix, an Uberdirekorenschelle and/or Unterdirektorenschelle. Military formations are drawn from each Distrikt and named by the Distrikt, with additional numerics to differentiate the formations. Each Distrikt is distinguished by it's own trim, or facing/detail colour. This colour is worn on the uniform cuff and is also displayed as the base field colour of a Distrikt unit. As all uniforms material is supplied centrally and of the same dark blue material, each distrikt is responsible only for application of uniform trim-distinction colours.
Regions within Herrschaden have been defined along perfectly determined geography, as organized by Direktor Walther Picklesturm and of course fully authorized by Managing Direktor Otto Schwarz von Blitzenkruz (authority code ID: OIIIIIIIO).
*It is vital to note for the undirected, that ALL distrikts within Herrschaden are of equal status, as are all units recruited from within any one distrikt. Numerics are used purely for administrative purposes and thus a '1st Battalion' does not indicate that such a unit is in any way 'senior' or 'superior' to, for example a '4th Battalion' from the same or any other distrikt... 

This series of 'Distrikt Unit Flags', shows the various flags of units formed from within each such region and begins with Distrikt Banhalt....

.....Banhalt,  this Distrikt is the most populous and North-Westerly region within Herrschaden. From here are drawn the bulk of infantry. There are currently 4 battalions on service with the Banhalt Regiment. This Distrikt displays a trim colour of Pale Yellow. The following image shows the flags carried by all these battalions - a battalion/unit (or Distrikt) colour carried on the left of facing and each unit national/regimental colour carried on the right of facing, as follows:

The Regimental motto is MARZ ZUM ENDE - MARCH TO THE END.
The distrikt field colour and battalion numeric is also shown in the scroll on one side of the national-regimental flag. Each unit flag also displays the Distrikt name and unit numeric.


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