Monday, January 4, 2010

Honorific Flags 1

(Translation continues):

"Badges, ranks, titles and all forms of awards and honours are bestowed on the so-called great personages amongst the undirekted. Herrschaden reserves honours for the whole - in these cases, special Honorific flags are bestowed on the chosen. One such bestowal recently concerns an incident in the lower reaches of The Eisenberg region, when the Artillerie Regimental Infanterie and gun batteries found themselves isolated by an incursion from elements of the VIth and XIIIth Legions, of The Ecclesiarchy Of the Ordo of the Bloodied Martyr of Langdouc.

Whilst Direktor Picklesturm was in Blitzenkruz, the Ecclesiarchs determined to launch an unprovoked assault against Herrschaden, through the Eisenberg. The Artillerie was being supervised by non other than one of the most hard fighting disciplinarian Direktors at the time - Von Stueben "Iron-Fist".

With many new recruits from the mines in training and a small cadre of Artillerie infantry, lighter and medium gun pieces on the flanks and heavier pieces firing from high ground overhead, Von Stueben led the Herrschadener force in an immediate assault - the first time in military history artillery had been used in such a manner. Guns were handled forward, fired, reloaded and forward again, all the while with the miner-recruits formed under the colours of the Artillerie Infanterie Regiment, counter-attacking to the front.

Von Stueben's assault was so ferocious, that the enemy legionnaries were thrown back in confusion 2 miles and cornered against a sheer cliff face. The enemy commander, wounded and dazed, sort a parley to end the carnage being inflicted on his remaining force, estimated still at over 2000 strong, of all arms.

By this time, the Herrschadeners had assaulted with foot and guns for more than 2 hours, over broken and open-area terrain, had little ammunition remaining and were within 50ft of the enemy. Receiving the parly request, Von Stueben - one of Herrschadens hardest Direktors - responded in the Korrekt manner with the worded commands: "FEURE UND STURM!" In an instant, the enemy were obliterated in a storm of shot and a final close-assault tore the remainder to pieces against the rock face.

A magnificent use of the Herrschadener artillery arm. As a result of this action, on personal request from Direktor Walther Picklesturm and accordingly authorized (Korrekt Authorization Code ID: OIIIIIIIO), by Lietung-Direktor Otto Schwarz von Blitzenkruz, the Artillery Regiment was awarded an Honorific Flag.

This flag depicts the field in artillerie trim color blue, with the crossed gun-barrels.
The yellow centre cross is a traditional symbol taken from the region's pre-Direkted history.
The central motif was awarded to the artillery as they fought as an "Iron-Fist", with the figures of miners representing the heritage from the region itself.
Beneath the cannon 'Die Eisen-Berge' battlehonour is displayed and beneath the Eye of Knowledge the honour title 'Eisene Faust'.

This standard is usually carried to an army GHQ and flown alongside the Army flag, but in recent times, the Artillerie Infanterie battalion has been granted the honour of carrying this flag as a third colour within the battalion, when required to assault enemy positions.

Foreign observers have noted that when the 'Iron-Fist' is unfurled, enemy formations have been known to flee in horror, for they know only too well what they are about to receive...



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