Saturday, January 2, 2010

The First Flag

(Translation as follows):
Non-Direkted readers note - "the following series of flags and their heraldric art display have been authorized for public view by Managing-Director Otto Schwarz von Blitzenkruz. Information contained is edited where appropriate, as it may contain startling truths, unsavoury to the non-Herrschadener. On behalf of The Directorship, Herrschaden wishes to pass on great thanks, and a lifetime commission into the Liebregt to the following (currently) undirekted enthusiasts:

The Curator of the Great Library in Monte-Cristo, by Lace Wars
David Linienblatt, of NOT BY APPOINTMENT

And now: The First Flag

The flag of Blitzenkruz. Sometimes known as "The Big B" flag. Displays the all encompassing imagery now used universially on Herrschaden National civil and military flags. The main unique difference, is of course the letter 'B' (for Blitzenkruz) in the centre, the year '1706' on the pyramid and undecipherable codex surrounding the edge. Image shows both sides of the flag, with red centre.
This flag is flown at the capital and is only taken into the field, when the Managing Director himself is present in person. It may then be carried by a unit so awarded the honour, or, more usually, carried by a mounted officer of the Direktors staff.
The motto 'Immer Voran', is taken from the last words spoken by original Blitzenkruz family primogenitor Kurt Scharnhorst von Blitzenkruz, who managed to get himself killed in action during a turbulent period dated sometime during the 1300's.   

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