Saturday, January 2, 2010

Premier Unit Flags 2

(Translation continues):

Unlike most non-direkted military forces, Herrschaden infantry units do not contain integrated specialized elite companies, which are imposed in a clearly undireked and - anathema to any Herrschadener - an ad hoc manner. In Herrschaden, such an elite is concentrated in the formation Schwerstahl Grenadier Regiment. The heavy metal infantry. Entry into this magnificent regiment follows very strict criteria and is of course voluntary. Survivors of close-infantry assaults from any infantry unit may be encouraged to enlist, once, of course their wounds have healed and any prosthetics have been properly amalgamated to them.
Often conducted under dark, or heavily inclement weather conditions and preceded by a storm of hand-thrown or musket-launched bomb-grenades, an attack once launched by the grenadiers is fearsome, brutal, devoid of mercy and utterly effective. Their motto is BIS TOD UNS TRENNT - that is to say,
TILL DEATH US DO PART. There are currently two battalions of Grenadiers. Both wear black trim and facing distinctions, with the first battalion distinguished with gold/yellow metal variations and the second battalion with silver/white metal variations.

The images above show (top) from left, 1st battalion unit and on top right national-regimental.
Bottom left 2nd battalion unit and to the bottom right national-regimental.
Distinction is of course the bursting grenade emblem on the unit flags, which also show the battalion variation colour in the corners and like the national-regimental, the battalion numeric.


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