Friday, July 24, 2009

Achtung! Ansage Nr.2


"Fraulien Katarin Lahmia, of the previously undirekted peoples travelling along, in, around and about the east-bank of the Oester River, has requested (korrektly - in writing) re-direktion".

As a result of this request, Lietung-Direktor Otto Schwarz von Blitzenkruz, has direkted Herrschaden troops to immediatley assist her in the security of this region, now called District OESTERSCHADEN.

A regiment of light horse is to be raised from this district. Fraulien Lahmia has been awarded Der Abendstern and is now the first female Direktor aus Herrschaden - "Direktor aus der Nachtmitfahrer".

Direktor aus informationen, Nelnieh Trebor (Ansbach-Hoffen is on holidays in Monte-Cristo)

Authorisation Code ID: OIIIIIIIO

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Social Life in Herrschaden

Check it out

New Direktorship


Der Direktorate aus Herrschaden announces the formation of a new Directory. This unit will be concerned with the repatriation of dispossessed persons from the War in Lifonlia. All such persons wishing re-direction, in the right direction are welcome to resettle within Herrschaden.

This Directory will also take responsibility for the establishment of public health, occupational disorders and recruitment into Liebregt.

That is all, at this time.
Wolfgang Ansbach-Hoffen
Authorisation Code ID: OIIIIIIO

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Political Position

Several nations have been approached for trades talks and to discuss future relations. Herrschaden diplomats have been authorised (Code ID: OIIIIIIIO) to provide their counterparts with a copy of 'The Book of Information' (copyright Otto von Blitzenkruz).

The leaders of these nations have also been presented with the Herrschaden decoration Morgenstern to recognise the dawn of relations.

Official observers have been sent north-east to the Lifonlian war. Two Unterdirektors are authorised (Code ID: OIIIIIIIO), to report to the highest authority in Lifonlia. This conflict is of interest to the Direktorate, due to the geographical position of Lifonlia.

Herrschaden has no known enemy at this time.

New Military Formations

The mining district Ostbanhalt has been authorised (ID: OIIIIIIIO) to raise a body of foot troops. These are to be maritime trained. As this district rests along the Oester river, the Direktorate has decided to raise a naval element. Ship-yards are to be constructed along the river itself. Uniform details for this unit are not available at this time. Direktorate officers have been dispatched to various nations, to assess both riverline and sea-going vessels.

The timber-producing district Oebel has been authorised (ID: OIIIIIIIO) to raise a body of jaegar. As this district is an eastern district and also borders on District Schellenberg, this unit is to be provided with horses and will become Oebel Dragoons. Uniform details will be announced at a later time.

As a result of this formation being raised, the unit Hundjaegar will be disbanded. All members will be transferred to the Oebel Dragoons, Liebregt, or shot.

Direktor de Perignon has applied (korrektly - in writing), that a unit of 'Light-Horse' be raised from as-yet 'undirekted' populations living a near nomadic (and therefore direktionless) existence to the east of the Oester river. This is currently under consideration.

Trade Resources

Herrschaden is now a producer of Iron Ore, Coal and Timber products. Agriculture includes the most modern and advanced form of animal-husbandry, producing superior cavalry horse mounts and livestock. Beef, pork and lamb are staple food resources. Additional produce include leather and wool, whilst these industries also provide blood & bone fertilizers, which has increased the yield of potato and vegetable crops. Fodder and natural grazing crops have also increased. Not to mention the superior hops, malt and barley produce.
Trade delegates are even now in talks with their equivalents in Beerstein, Cavenderia and Monte-Cristo with regards to mutual benefits from these Direktorate initatives...

Geographical Disposition

It's been a busy time in The Direktorate. Walther Picklesturm was directed to send cartographers and survey officers along all points of the compass.

District Schellenberg has increased in size to include the east-bank of the Oester river. Schellenberg is great horse-country and with the added fertility along the east-bank, Rupert de Perignon's horse-breeding programme has expanded. There is some talk of raising a body of light-horse from amongst the more nomadic populations encountered here.

District Banhalt has established a road network, linking a very lucrative mining region to the Direktorate, now known as OSTBANHALT. No doubt an infantry regiment will be raised from there.

The Oebel District is a magnificent resource for the procurement of timber and a very hardy population will provide the backbone for a new body of jaegar.

District Erbach, at the foot of the Iron Mountains and bordering on District Oebel, will expand the size of it's infantry regiment with the addition of an extra battalion, plus increase the Erbach Horse regiment from 2 to 4 squadrons.

Lieb units of foot and armoured horse will remain quatered in Blitzenkruz itself.

New Appointments

Due to recent international events, Der Direktorat aus Herrschaden has appointed the following directed to the post of Unterdirektor:

Josepf Haltermann
Hans Wagemueller

They have been direkted to attend the state of Lifonlia, in the capacity of Official Observation Officers, to attest to the Direktorenshelle, that a so-called 'War of Succession' is of no threat to Herrschaden and make such recommendations regarding any further involvement.

At this time, the Direktorat makes clear that if there was no 'Succession', there in fact could be no 'War of Succession', only heading in the right direction...

Authorized, directly, (signed)
LD Otto Schwarz von Blitzenkruz

Oeffentliche Ankuendigung


"Attention those Directed!

Our near neighbour Lifonlia has lost korrect direction - heading into a dynastic dispute, with regards to the archaich practice of hereditary succession. The Direktorat has appointed two official observers to view the situation in Lifonlia.
Unterdirektor Josepf Haltermann and Unterdirektor Hans Wagemueller.
They will report to the board, directly.

There is no cause for alarm, go to your homes, you are all safe - for the moment".

LD Otto Schwarz von Blitzenkruz

Authorization ID code: OIIIIIIIO

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Herrschaden Recruitment

How do you do...

After years of vacilliation, I decided to put some notes together into some sort of order and come up with an Imagi-national table-top wargaming army. At first it was very simple: choose figures (Front Rank 28's), choose uniform details(easy), then paint.

That of course changed to ultra-complex about 5 seconds later. Real life work commitments being the main offender. Then a visit to a friend in mid-June '09 changed that again. I found a painter. (YAY!).

Enter Kev, from Battleline scenics. I'm sure he wasn't ready for an e-mail from Wolfgang Ansbach-Hoffen (on behalf of Otto von Blitzenkruz), to paint up an historical WSS Army-Deal as the troops of Imagi-Nation Herrschaden!
But, trooper that Kev is, he got into it - hence Heinrich Wurzen ready as the first character. (He should be too, the mainforce infantry commander at the front). The artillery uniform came up great. The most clever aspect of that I like was the way the cuff-blue was subtly contrasted against the coat-blue. Red guns look spectacular.
At the moment, the 'army' per se, is planned to be based to suit Die Kriegskunst ruleset. I have seen a magnificent Imagi-Nation army based for Might & Reason, but I like my battalions made up of companies and will probably be playing most of my (rare) games solo.

Which leads to the enemy - they are no doubt everywhere! So once the initial battlegroup of Herrschaden is complete and ready, next step will be the enemy. And thats where it gets really interesting. I'm going to have to create another Imagi-Nation to strike at Herrschaden, or conversly, use another set of uniformed troops as allied forces with Herrschaden!

So if any of you have a uniform idea for either an allied/enemy army to take on Herrschaden, drop me a post and I will probably use it - my own 'imagination' is really very limited...


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Current Military Formations

The Direktorat armed forces, with specialist exceptions, wear dark blue.
Known infantry regiments, with distinctions are:
Banhaltregt. Pale Yellow. A large formation, drawn from the bulk of the population.
Total battalions unknown, possibly up to 8.

Erbachregt. Red. Known 2 to 4 battalions.

Liebregt. White. Those requiring further Direction in the right direction are posted to this unit -for life, without discharge - and they like it too.

Known cavalry regiments, with distinctions are:
Liebgarde. Kuirassier Regt. White distinctions. Armour aquired through corrupt Austrian and Imperial quatermasters.

Erbach. Heavy Horse Regt. Red distinctions.

Schellenberg. Heavy Horse Regt. Golden Yellow distinctions.

The Artillery.
Due to the Direktorenstelle of Walther Picklesturm, the Direktorate is able to field pieces of any calibre - most usually 12 pounder guns, but also 24's, 32's, smaller regimental or battalion guns, Howitzers and Mortars. Apparently the Russian Czar has a fit of pique and has somebody shot, whenever the artillery arm of The Direktorate is mentioned...
Uniform is dark blue, with red trim and contrasting blue cuffs. Gun carriages are blood-red, with blackened-bronze barrels and black painted metal.

Specialist Units of the Einsatzkommandokampfgruppenherrschaden.
Sturmgrenadierabteilung Schwerstahl.
Single battalion of selected elite infantry. Highly effective, heavily destructive, known for abject cruelty and single-mindedness; merciless close-infantry shock troops, much favoured for use in assaults. They serve the Lietung-Direktor, directly.
Uniform is black with red distinctions and white trim.

Mounted skirmish-trained infantry. Sometimes known as Dragoons. This unit is a personal favourite of Unterdirektor Wolfgang Ansbach-Hoffen. Often used in a police-role. Responsible for the control of wardogs. Green uniforms with crimson distinctions.

Massive, slavering, packs of guard dogs. Purpose-bred for hunting, patrolling and combat.

...other formations as yet unidentified...

Monday, July 6, 2009

Current known Directors

The current externally known Directorship is:

1. Lietung-Direktor Otto Schwarz von Blitzenkruz.
A hard case to judge, after all, he is the judge.
Directs all civil and military affairs.
Origin unknown. Rumoured to be an exiled Duke...

2. Direktor Heinrich Wurzen.
Kommandant Infantry.
Ex-Hessian Colonel. Supposedly on the run for selling fake regimental flags to French noblewomen. Also accused by the British for 'touching-up' the Crown Jewels whilst on a diplomatic visit...

3. Direktor Walther Picklesturm.
Kommandant Science.
An obsessed academic, brilliant artillery kommander, inventor and innovator. Highly influential in the eradication of all religious imagery. Wanted by the Vatican, preferably, mostly alive...

4. Unterdirektor Wolfgang Ansbach-Hoffen.
Minion for von Blitzenkruz.
Totally despised by other Direktors. Has a habit of revealing their shortcomings to the managing-director. Responsible for re-location of dispossessed populations...

5. Direktor Rupert de Perignon "La Poupre".
Kommandant Cavalry.
Brilliant horseman, dashing cavalry commander previously served in the French army and prior to that with The Palatinate. Supposedly the bastard son of an un-named famous cavalry commander from The Palatinate and an English Baroness. Ostracized by small-minded religious freaks for his views on same-sex marriages and couples, polygamy and hosting an international toga-party whilst part of a French envoy escort to Rome. Was also accused of embezzling state supplied regimental funds to host an uncensored mardi-gras outside Berlin for the Prussian army's camp-followers.
An entrepenur, de Perignon is also the owner of several nightclubs - The G-Spot, The Blue Vein and The Club of Thebes.
It was his ability to command cavalry which led to his Directorship - not to mention his knowledge of animal husbandry - which combined, led directly to The Direktorats developement of a high quality cavalry arm...

The Directorate

An independent haven from the nightmare world of 18th Century madness.
There is no state religion, nor an hereditary head of state.
Herrschaden is run by the Directoship - headed by the Managing Director. Military and civil commands are authorised by the current board of directors. Positions are purely temporary and last whilst successful.

Directors can and often are, replaced, or relocated to 'another position'.

Herrschaden leads in the right direction - that is, anywhere it wants to go. Many are the ex-nobles, clergy and commons, either willingly or forcibly removed/exiled/hunted from the uncountable kingdoms, principalities, bishphorics, margrafs, sultinates, electorates, republics and empires, who reside, serve and thrive within the Directorate.

Yet, to live within the Directorate is to serve within the Directorate...