Friday, July 24, 2009

Achtung! Ansage Nr.2


"Fraulien Katarin Lahmia, of the previously undirekted peoples travelling along, in, around and about the east-bank of the Oester River, has requested (korrektly - in writing) re-direktion".

As a result of this request, Lietung-Direktor Otto Schwarz von Blitzenkruz, has direkted Herrschaden troops to immediatley assist her in the security of this region, now called District OESTERSCHADEN.

A regiment of light horse is to be raised from this district. Fraulien Lahmia has been awarded Der Abendstern and is now the first female Direktor aus Herrschaden - "Direktor aus der Nachtmitfahrer".

Direktor aus informationen, Nelnieh Trebor (Ansbach-Hoffen is on holidays in Monte-Cristo)

Authorisation Code ID: OIIIIIIIO


  1. Looking eagerly forward to enjoy the discovery of Oesterschaden regiment of light horse and of Fraulien-Direktor aus der Nachtmitfahrer Katarin Lahmia in mini.

    We hope Direktor Ansbach-Hoffe enjoys his sojourn in Monte-Cristo. The Palace Librarian is collecting preliminary information about the armed forces of at least one of Herrschaden's numerous enemies, that could interest him and the Direktorat.

    The activity of der Direktorat aus Herrschaden is highly creditable.

    P.S.: "Katarin Lahmia in mini": in miniature figurine, of course, NOT in miniskirt!

  2. Recent developments in the Direktorat are really interesting, and more than a little creepy. Well done.

  3. Katarin 'The Night-Rider' is a very special character. She, along with other member-characters of the Direktorat will be displayed in mini over the next 1 to 2 weeks.
    I am certain that Rupert de Perignon has seen plenty of Katarin in mini and without mini too...her influence to raise a regiment of light horse from amongst the eastern nomadic horsemen, (now Ostschadeners) is clearly reflected in Perignons dress and recent demeanour an Das Kapital...