Sunday, July 19, 2009

Social Life in Herrschaden

Check it out


  1. Here in Monte-Cristo we indeed welcome German musicians and dancers, but if showing a laudable syncretism -playing tunes from Brittany and supporting quasi-Maghrebin performances, they are generally more 'barbarian' than those popular in Herrschaden.
    Btw, does the Direktorat use People's Commissars to watch the 'political correctness' of regiments?

  2. We dont have Kommissars. We have 'Instructors', though it would be understandable for a non-Herrschadener to mistake our Instructors for Kommissars. In fact, in 'The Book of Information' (copyright: Otto von Blitzenkruz), there is a full chapter devoted on 'Korrekt Instruction'.
    We dont have politics in Herrschaden either.

  3. Nice one - managed to get to see ACDC again this April; much loudeer than I remembered.

  4. Given the eclectic, but always 'unconventional' Monte-Cristan musical tastes, we decline in advance the honor of being 'Direkted'.