Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Current Military Formations

The Direktorat armed forces, with specialist exceptions, wear dark blue.
Known infantry regiments, with distinctions are:
Banhaltregt. Pale Yellow. A large formation, drawn from the bulk of the population.
Total battalions unknown, possibly up to 8.

Erbachregt. Red. Known 2 to 4 battalions.

Liebregt. White. Those requiring further Direction in the right direction are posted to this unit -for life, without discharge - and they like it too.

Known cavalry regiments, with distinctions are:
Liebgarde. Kuirassier Regt. White distinctions. Armour aquired through corrupt Austrian and Imperial quatermasters.

Erbach. Heavy Horse Regt. Red distinctions.

Schellenberg. Heavy Horse Regt. Golden Yellow distinctions.

The Artillery.
Due to the Direktorenstelle of Walther Picklesturm, the Direktorate is able to field pieces of any calibre - most usually 12 pounder guns, but also 24's, 32's, smaller regimental or battalion guns, Howitzers and Mortars. Apparently the Russian Czar has a fit of pique and has somebody shot, whenever the artillery arm of The Direktorate is mentioned...
Uniform is dark blue, with red trim and contrasting blue cuffs. Gun carriages are blood-red, with blackened-bronze barrels and black painted metal.

Specialist Units of the Einsatzkommandokampfgruppenherrschaden.
Sturmgrenadierabteilung Schwerstahl.
Single battalion of selected elite infantry. Highly effective, heavily destructive, known for abject cruelty and single-mindedness; merciless close-infantry shock troops, much favoured for use in assaults. They serve the Lietung-Direktor, directly.
Uniform is black with red distinctions and white trim.

Mounted skirmish-trained infantry. Sometimes known as Dragoons. This unit is a personal favourite of Unterdirektor Wolfgang Ansbach-Hoffen. Often used in a police-role. Responsible for the control of wardogs. Green uniforms with crimson distinctions.

Massive, slavering, packs of guard dogs. Purpose-bred for hunting, patrolling and combat.

...other formations as yet unidentified...

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