Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Military Formations

The mining district Ostbanhalt has been authorised (ID: OIIIIIIIO) to raise a body of foot troops. These are to be maritime trained. As this district rests along the Oester river, the Direktorate has decided to raise a naval element. Ship-yards are to be constructed along the river itself. Uniform details for this unit are not available at this time. Direktorate officers have been dispatched to various nations, to assess both riverline and sea-going vessels.

The timber-producing district Oebel has been authorised (ID: OIIIIIIIO) to raise a body of jaegar. As this district is an eastern district and also borders on District Schellenberg, this unit is to be provided with horses and will become Oebel Dragoons. Uniform details will be announced at a later time.

As a result of this formation being raised, the unit Hundjaegar will be disbanded. All members will be transferred to the Oebel Dragoons, Liebregt, or shot.

Direktor de Perignon has applied (korrektly - in writing), that a unit of 'Light-Horse' be raised from as-yet 'undirekted' populations living a near nomadic (and therefore direktionless) existence to the east of the Oester river. This is currently under consideration.

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