Saturday, July 18, 2009

Geographical Disposition

It's been a busy time in The Direktorate. Walther Picklesturm was directed to send cartographers and survey officers along all points of the compass.

District Schellenberg has increased in size to include the east-bank of the Oester river. Schellenberg is great horse-country and with the added fertility along the east-bank, Rupert de Perignon's horse-breeding programme has expanded. There is some talk of raising a body of light-horse from amongst the more nomadic populations encountered here.

District Banhalt has established a road network, linking a very lucrative mining region to the Direktorate, now known as OSTBANHALT. No doubt an infantry regiment will be raised from there.

The Oebel District is a magnificent resource for the procurement of timber and a very hardy population will provide the backbone for a new body of jaegar.

District Erbach, at the foot of the Iron Mountains and bordering on District Oebel, will expand the size of it's infantry regiment with the addition of an extra battalion, plus increase the Erbach Horse regiment from 2 to 4 squadrons.

Lieb units of foot and armoured horse will remain quatered in Blitzenkruz itself.

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