Monday, July 6, 2009

The Directorate

An independent haven from the nightmare world of 18th Century madness.
There is no state religion, nor an hereditary head of state.
Herrschaden is run by the Directoship - headed by the Managing Director. Military and civil commands are authorised by the current board of directors. Positions are purely temporary and last whilst successful.

Directors can and often are, replaced, or relocated to 'another position'.

Herrschaden leads in the right direction - that is, anywhere it wants to go. Many are the ex-nobles, clergy and commons, either willingly or forcibly removed/exiled/hunted from the uncountable kingdoms, principalities, bishphorics, margrafs, sultinates, electorates, republics and empires, who reside, serve and thrive within the Directorate.

Yet, to live within the Directorate is to serve within the Directorate...

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