Saturday, July 18, 2009

Political Position

Several nations have been approached for trades talks and to discuss future relations. Herrschaden diplomats have been authorised (Code ID: OIIIIIIIO) to provide their counterparts with a copy of 'The Book of Information' (copyright Otto von Blitzenkruz).

The leaders of these nations have also been presented with the Herrschaden decoration Morgenstern to recognise the dawn of relations.

Official observers have been sent north-east to the Lifonlian war. Two Unterdirektors are authorised (Code ID: OIIIIIIIO), to report to the highest authority in Lifonlia. This conflict is of interest to the Direktorate, due to the geographical position of Lifonlia.

Herrschaden has no known enemy at this time.


  1. So the war in Lifonlia is a conflict of interest? lol

  2. Beware one always have foes, known or unknown...

  3. As a 'Baltic' regional state, Lifonlia must have some sea-side real estate. In Herrschaden, we wouldn't want to see that environment destroyed over something as petty as Successionist War - so, our neutral observers will report on that situation of interest...
    Oh yes, Herrschaden is well aware of the hidden foe - we anticipate their movements against us.