Monday, July 6, 2009

Current known Directors

The current externally known Directorship is:

1. Lietung-Direktor Otto Schwarz von Blitzenkruz.
A hard case to judge, after all, he is the judge.
Directs all civil and military affairs.
Origin unknown. Rumoured to be an exiled Duke...

2. Direktor Heinrich Wurzen.
Kommandant Infantry.
Ex-Hessian Colonel. Supposedly on the run for selling fake regimental flags to French noblewomen. Also accused by the British for 'touching-up' the Crown Jewels whilst on a diplomatic visit...

3. Direktor Walther Picklesturm.
Kommandant Science.
An obsessed academic, brilliant artillery kommander, inventor and innovator. Highly influential in the eradication of all religious imagery. Wanted by the Vatican, preferably, mostly alive...

4. Unterdirektor Wolfgang Ansbach-Hoffen.
Minion for von Blitzenkruz.
Totally despised by other Direktors. Has a habit of revealing their shortcomings to the managing-director. Responsible for re-location of dispossessed populations...

5. Direktor Rupert de Perignon "La Poupre".
Kommandant Cavalry.
Brilliant horseman, dashing cavalry commander previously served in the French army and prior to that with The Palatinate. Supposedly the bastard son of an un-named famous cavalry commander from The Palatinate and an English Baroness. Ostracized by small-minded religious freaks for his views on same-sex marriages and couples, polygamy and hosting an international toga-party whilst part of a French envoy escort to Rome. Was also accused of embezzling state supplied regimental funds to host an uncensored mardi-gras outside Berlin for the Prussian army's camp-followers.
An entrepenur, de Perignon is also the owner of several nightclubs - The G-Spot, The Blue Vein and The Club of Thebes.
It was his ability to command cavalry which led to his Directorship - not to mention his knowledge of animal husbandry - which combined, led directly to The Direktorats developement of a high quality cavalry arm...

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