Sunday, January 10, 2010

Interview mit Unterdirektor Josepf Haltermann auf Lifonlia, again continued...


"The interview here transcribed demonstrates the severe nature of the fanaticism of The Ordo of The Bloodied Martyr. Herrschaden has incontrovertible evidence, that this sinister organization is active in several nations now current - with particular physical evidence in the case of The Lifonlian War of Succession"...

E: =How far did you ride forward of the village Herr Unterdirektor?=

H: "Herr Eye, well within the limits of my jurisdiction as clearly stated under Article 31, paragraph 16, point (h). It was not necessary to proceed any further, for at this location - a somewhat small piece of raised ground, yet with good view in all direktions - I personally verified the scouts report".

E: =And in summary Herr Unterdirektor?=

H: "I found a huddle of 7 living villagers, who had been forced to commit an act of self-flagellation. Another 12 had been crucified, with one of these still alive; 24 had been impaled, 8 of which were still shreiking in a most undirekted manner and upon investigation of a still smouldering ruin, of a building I can only describe as some place of superstitious worship, the remains of at least 50, who had been immolated alive. One of our forward scouts was at this juncture bought before me Herr Eye".

E: =Now in detail, Herr Unterdirektor=...

H: "Herr Eye, this man was a Lifonlian volunteer, who had been in the party to first discover the scene. In a moment of compassion, he had mercifully shot 2 of the still surviving impaled persons, before he had been direkted to do so. As these survivors had not been korrektly interviewed by myself, in accordance with Article 56, paragraph 13, point (v) and due to the convenience of hot coals from the extermination fire still smouldering, I had the man arrested, branded on the forhead with the Mark of The Eye of Knowledge and placed in custody, pending future service. On the spot I convened a field tribunal. All evidence was presented and I personally sentenced the man to 20 years service in the Liebregt."  

E: =Ah, the making of a true Direktor, Herr Unterdirektor, what happened next?=

H: "The articles are quite unambigious, Herr Eye. As the crucified and impaled villagers were of no use in interrogation, I ordered them shot. The 7 survivors were placed in custody with the remaining 40 from our original sweep. The defiant third man from my original interview, immediately replaced the former compassionate trooper and the remainder sent with escort to our relocation and protektion camp facility, some 25 miles distant. The village was then totally destroyed, to deny enemy usage. I am quite pleased to report Herr Eye, that of the 46 expatriated, 22 have survived to serve The Direktorat".

E: =Excellent Herr Unterdirektor, excellent. Your statement and personal actions concur with my own exact independent findings in the investigation of this incident. You are hereby promoted to Direktor forthwith. You will be posted to The Schwabian Leauge, with a company of Oebel Dragoons, I know the Ordo is active down there too. Guards! Remove the blindfold and release the Herr Direktor from the firing squad post - he's got a job to do......=

"This transcript has been released by Direktion of Otto Schwarz von Blitzenkruz, under Article 79, paragraph 28, point (g) and is korrektly authorized with Code ID: OIIIIIIIO........

......that is all, for the moment"...



  1. There are some very nasty people walking around somewhere . . . truly there are. Very nasty.

    -- Jeff

  2. Unfortunately that is quite true and the direktors are most aware of the terrible activities conducted by these - as Direktor Walther Picklesturm would say - "Sociopaths"...

    ...of course, we in Herrschaden intend to prosecute these fiends to the fullest extent...


  3. How distressing that, in our Age of Enlightenment and Reason, blind, crazy fanaticism can still drive such atrocious behaviors!
    One wonders if an exceptional mold of centuries-old fantastical fears and terrified superstitions, peculiar to the area, contributes to the local madness? For sure impaling is traditional there, combined by the Order with Ancient Roman crucifixion in the most eclectic way.

    While for some reason the Monte-Cristan 'Service' is dismally less efficient there than usually, the Presipapal Palace learned enough about the 'Chiesarchia' of the 'Order' to worry and inquire for more.
    We are also wondering if the actions of the Ordia are coordinated -directly or by the Vatican through the Opus Dei- with those of other militant sects we are secretly confronting? But indeed what evidence is already available hints for the Langdoucian Order at far more fearsome, wide-ranged objectives verging on the heretical.
    UD Walther Ansbach-Hoffen received a folder (a huge trunk, actually) of copies of all the relevant files in the Presipapal secret archives.

    Another source of worry is the simultaneity between this surge of crazy zealot unrest -after centuries of seclusion, for the Successor Crusading Ordia- and the disturbing reports of weird events from different Continents. Could it be that, according to some esoteric calendar (Maya perhaps, but scholars here favor the R'lyeh one), feverish devouts of opposite convictions believe we are reaching the Millenium? A few may even think as their Sacred Duty to trigger the Final Battle...

  4. In Herrschaden we have awaited The Ordo to rear it's ugly head. That they utterly believe in an impending 'apocalyptic' event, is no doubt. Their entire ethos centres around this 'event' happening NOW - not later, nor in some 'future', perhaps mythical time.
    They therefore operate to deliberately bring about this event, in this day and age, here and now...

    Great for weapons shipments though...