Saturday, January 9, 2010

Interview mit Unterdirektor Josepf Haltermann auf Lifonlia

"The undirekted should note the following interview conducted at Blitzenkruz, with then-Unterdirektor Josepf Haltermann, concerning an incident during the Lifonlian Civil War, also known as The War of Lifonlian Succession. This has been published, so all are aware of the grave danger posed by the fanatic Ecclesiarchs, of The Order of the Bloodied Martyr, in Langdouc."

...after the normal judiscious proceeding administration was conducted, in accordance with korrekt procedures, Ud Haltermann, gave the following statement, here transcribed...

E: =Herr Unterdirektor, can you enlighten us somewhat more on the circumstances surrounding your discovery of Ordo activities in Lifonlia?=

H: "Herr Eye, whilst on an advanced search for any military activity of note, my scouts came to report sign of human activity, some miles ahead of our main body. This was along an approach route to a potential watering point and crossing, during the summer. As we crested a minor rise in the ground, I could clearly see what was obviously, the remains of a local village, directly along our axis of advance and so across our front, with the crossing further beyond. There was smoke coming from the village, yet no obvious sign of life".

E: =What were your immediate thoughts?=

H: "To determine sign of any Ordo activity, Herr Eye".

E: =Go on=

H: "Herr Eye, Our artillery was brought forward to cover the main axis, whilst infantry companies moved to cordon the village, our Dragoons circled the village westward, to secure and investigate the water point and crossing. Within a short time another scout informed me, contact with a local civilian population had occurred. These were people who had fled from the village, to avoid some terrible fate".

E: =Ah, I see, your next action?=

H: "There were 42 accounted for civilians, these were immediatley placed in custody, whilst search groups were ordered into the village proper. Yet another scout informed me from the search group, 'No contact, Enemy sign'. At this point, we secured the village and placed it and all therein, under the Direktion of The Direktorat of Herrschaden, according to Article 27, paragraph 4, point (k) Herr Eye".

E: =Unterdirektor, I have read your more than extensive and detailed report on this operation, could you please summarize the more important points of note - including, especially, your own actions=

H: "Herr Eye, a small delegation of 3 leading men of the village, somewhat old and decrepid, asked to speak to myself. I consented to have their manacles removed and the first approached me. Due to our superior learning programs, I was naturally fluent in the local dialect...

.... this man abased himself before me, using such terms as 'My Lord!' and 'Dear God!', as though I was some sort of heredited noble - or a member of a misbegotten clergy. Naturally, I informed this despicable wretch of such prohibition under Article 27, paragraph 5, point (b) and shot him immediatley. The second began weeping uncontrollably - in a clearly undirekted manner no less - and I informed him of provisions under the same article. He stopped his purile public emotive display, then collapsed on his knees before me, beseeching me - as if I was some sort of 'saviour' or even 'divine being'! Without hesitation I drew my sword and decapitated the swine. The third man stood before me with a look of defiance on his face - I direkted he was to be taken back to the temporary shelter and along with the remaining refugees, fed and watered, to await further interview, whilst a complete, korrekt and thorough search of the village was conducted, in accordance with Authorization Code ID: OIIIIIIIO".....

(to be continued)...


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