Saturday, January 2, 2010

Distrikt Unit Flags 6

(Translation continues):

Directly East from Schellenberg and running north-south along the east bank of the Oesterfluss lies the highly strategic Distrikt of Oesterschaden. A dark and brooding region, with a climate and indigenous population to match. Open, windy, cold and unforgiving, to date this Distrikt has no eastern border. This Distrikt is Direkted by Direktorix Katarin Lahmia and provides a superbly drilled Light Horse Regiment. Naturally brilliant scouts, this regiment exists almost exclusivley on an advanced-warning operational footing and specializes in reconnaissance and raids, most especially under nocturnal conditions. The light-cavalry guidon displayed shows the Distrikt unit colour purple and the motto SCHNELL UND SICHER - SWIFT AND CERTAIN. 

Of note are the bone fragment symbols shown at centre, top and bottom of the standard.



  1. Some months ago, the rumour reached Monte-Cristo that Direktorix Katarin Lahmia was toying with the idea of an all-female regiment: following the regional precedent -*not* of mythical Amazons, the Direktorat scorns fantasy myths from superstitious times- of the historically proven Sarmatian maidens? Maybe she dropped the idea, for a part because of Rupert de Perignon excessive enthusiasm?

  2. Perignon appears to favour mixed formations...though the 'rumour' as noted above was certainly more than that. Authorization code ID: OIIIIIIIO was requested to form an all-female unit from this region. To date, no authority has been advised, at least not publicly announced yet. Further information may in fact come to light - as there appear to be an over represented number of widows in the Lifonlian Civil War relocation camps at this time...