Saturday, January 2, 2010

Distrikt Unit Flags 4

(Translation continues):

South of Schellenberg and South-East of Erbach, lies Distrikt Oebel. A heavily wooded region, deeply ensconsed within the Schwerwald, Oebel is home to a mark of hardy people, with great tracking and hunting skills. As this Distrikt borders on Schellenberg and the people no strangers to many varieties of domesticated and wild animals, the Direktors authorized the formation of a unit of mounted jaegar, also known in parlance as Dragoons. Not a battlefield cavalry, but a professional hunting infantry, mounted on smaller horses for rapid movement and insertion actions. In keeping with the Distrikts woodland origins combat role, the distinguishing colour is Green and the motto ERGREIFEN UND HALTEN - SEIZE AND HOLD.

Note the bugle-horn symbology displayed in diagonally opposite corners of this units guidon-style standard.



  1. What an incredible and excellent batch of flags! I like this green one the best, but they are all amazing! Kudos to Tippelbruder!

  2. Thankyou for your comments FB. Has been a long job, from June 2009 to now - there are just a few to go. Certain specialized formations. We're waiting on an authorization code from OSVB to reveal them...