Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Honorific Flags 3

(Translation continues):

"The final flag of currently known military formations in Herrschadener service, is of a unit unique in origin and steeped in deep historical significance. Headquartered in the Capital barracks at Blitzenkruz and only ever Direkted in person by Lietung-Direktor Otto Schwarz von Blitzenkruz, it is that of

The unit is often referred to as "The Immortals"
Although not a Herrschadener native, the unit was personally raised by it's Kommander Ingst Gunning during the time of the great upheaval. The Kommander had been a personal and close associated friend of Von Blitzenkruz for 32 years. His last and final battle was an epic struggle of Herculean proportions - beyond that anyone, (even the Direktors) - would have imagined any person could have endured. The unit was awarded the honorific KAMPFFREUND, in recognition of an action some 27 years previously, when Gunning and Von Blitzenkruz, isolated on a barren, open hilltop, charged downhill into a seemingly overwhelming number of enemy foot troops. It appeared a doomed and suicidal 'last mission', yet was crowned with success - the enemy utterly broken, routed from the field and run down.

Of all the magnificent flags flown and carried by Herrschadener units, Gunnings Horse Grenadier flag is the most symbologically iconic. There are three variations, as follows:

The original infantry sized flag carried by Gunnings personal troop.
The flag centrepiece shows a gallant Knight of a long-lost era, slaying an ancient and possibly mythical, but at least now extinct beast, some call a 'Dragon'.
The unit title 'GUNNING GRENADIERE ZU PFERDE' is displayed over the top and beneath, the Honorific 'KAMPFFREUND' (Battle-friend), below.
In opposite corners are displayed the Bursting Grenade and Hunting Hawk icons and centrally a blood-red Ritterkreuz.

The Variation Flag, also carried by the original unit shows all the same iconography, but in a reversed colour scheme, as displayed below:

The third flag also often carried by the unit is a latter-day addition, shown in the original, traditional colour pattern, is the cavalry-sized standard, shown below:

Of interest to note, is the golden fringe surrounding this variation, an added honour, which significantly, represents the 'Halo of Immortality', dedicated to the units original, but now deceased commander.
Thus the units unofficial sobriquet 'The Immortals'.

Dedicated to IG 250665 - 010110

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  1. A dreadful addition to the already known units of the Direktorat!
    Looking forward to discover their (impressive, for sure) appearance.

  2. More excellent flags and colorful unit histories! Nice work all around!

  3. My old warhorse is gone for now. Thanks for the comments gentlemen - the appearance will be impressive and the unit histories, anecdotes etc will match. Lots of work to be done yet - and it's all underway.