Friday, January 8, 2010

Achtung! Ansage Nr.5


"By direktion of Lietung-Direktor Otto Schwarz von Blitzenkruz, the following shall be effected:

Dr. 1:  Unterdirektor Josepf Haltermann, after extensive and successful service on observation in Lifonlia, will return to Herrschaden, promoted to the board as Direktor aus Sudkonflikt. Direktor Haltermann will travel to The Schwabian League and represent Der Direktorat aus Herrschaden as military-diplomat. A company from the Oebel Dragoon regiment is Direkted to be activated as official escort.

Dr. 2:  Unterdirektor Hans Wagemueller, continuing service in Lifonlia, is promoted in the field, to the board, as a Direktor aus Frontlinieverteidigung and will continue in current service.

Dr. 3:  Direktor Hans Wagemueller, will now take full direktion of The Jowetski Brigade, which has been formally entered onto the scroll of Herrschaden activated formations.

Dr. 4:  Direktor aus Infanterie Heinrich Wurzen is to activate formations from Distrikt Banhalt.

Dr. 5:  Unterdirektor Walther Ansbach-Hoffen, is appointed Direktor aus Herrschaden, for excellent service in study at The great Monte-Criston librarius. Direktor Ansbach-Hoffen, will return from Monte-Cristo and fulfill the appointment to manage and direkt Public Health, Occupational Disorders, increased recruitment into Liebregt and the administration of Protektion Camps for displaced persons.

That is all, for the moment..."

Nelnieh Trebor, Direktor aus Informationen
Korrektly authorized, Code ID: OIIIIIIIO   

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