Sunday, January 3, 2010

Non-Regional Flags 1

(Translation continues):

Not all formations within Herrschaden are drawn exclusivley from a particular region (ie geographical Distrikt). Such units already displayed include the Liebgarde, Liebregt and Schwerstahl Grenadiers.

Recruited from anywhere within Herrschaden,  gun crews are trained to a heightened standard, clearly unequalled anywhere in the known, or indeed, the unknown world. Many such members are drawn from the somewhat recently acquired region known as the Eisenberg. A heavy, tough mountanious region, bordering on the south-west of Erbach and to the west of the Schwerwald. Just like the terrain, just like the people. very tough, very resilient, very strong - in short, the epitomy of all Herrschadeners. They also like things that make big noises - such as cannon.
Such then has been the voluntary influx into the artillery formations, that an overflow of recruits persuaded Direktor Walther Picklesturm to raise an infantry-organized unit to maintain them. The units particular role is to provide on-battlefield protection and replacement crews for casualities amongst the gun crews. Such was the enthusiasm for this experiment, that Otto Schwarz von Blitzenkruz authorized (code ID: OIIIIIIIO) the official formation of the Artillerie Infanterie Regiment. Shown below are the unit and national-regimental colours carried by this formation.

Of note is the crossed-cannon symbols displayed on the main-field of the battalion colour and also shown in the diagonally opposite corners on the reverse of the same flag. Also note that this unit is uniformed and trained as infantry, with the distinguishing trim colour Blue - the same as artillery crews.



  1. So glad to see this brilliant series authorized to public knowledge!


  2. Jean-Louis what a pleasure to hear from you again...
    ...ah yes, the flags at last - lots of research conducted under trying conditions and many, many variations to arrive at the current result - a truly confederate enterprise. Although, sadly, 2 such confederates have now gone, however, their regiments live on and their flags flown high again.