Saturday, January 2, 2010

Distrikt Unit Flags 5

(Translation continues):

Bordering to the North of Schellenberg and East of Banhalt, wedged along the Oesterfluss and close to the Baltsee is Distrikt Ostbanhalt. Once suitably Direkted this region has provided the Direktorat with full riverine capability and has recently begun maritime operations training. Ostbanhalt also provides two battalions of such trained infantry, with further scope to recruit a ships crew for the Direktorats first ocean-going  Battlecruiser (_____+_-_______) - note: name/further information deleted/unavailable at this time, by order of Otto Schwarz von Blitzenkruz, authorization code ID: OIIIIIIIO...

...displayed below are the battalion and national-regimental flags from this Distrikt. The distinguishing colour is Buff and the motto KEIN RUCKZUG - NO RETREAT.

 Note the unique Navigators Wheel symbol displayed in diagonally opposite corners of the battalion flags.


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