Saturday, January 2, 2010

Civil and Military National Flags

(Translation as follows):

"Continuing on with the series of public display of Herrschaden Flags, as duly authorized by Managing Director Otto Schwarz von Blitzenkruz himself, with korrekt authority code ID: OIIIIIIIO, we show the following":

The National Civil Flag (above)- Direktorat aus Herrschaden flag with Golden Fringe. This flag is flown on all major civil buildings, such as post offices and taverns. It differs from The First Flag, in that there is no pyramid, the letter 'D' for Direktorat is in the centre, the undecipherable codex is presented in the red centre, both sides of the flag are identical and of course is fringed with gold. Only ever carried in the field by units of Volkschaden, as such units do not have battalion or national-regimental flags.
The golden fringe represents the all-encompassing light of Direktorenschelle - an essential ingredient in the life-force of all Herrschadeners.

The National Military Flag (below) - Direktorat aus Herrschaden flag. Also commonly known as 'the army flag'. Used on all military installations and carried into the field with GHQ. Identical to the civil flag shown previously, but obviously, minus the fringe.



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