Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Achtung! Wichtige Ansage: Truppe-Abbau....


"In accordance with Direktive Nr. 12,467, Lietung-Direktor Otto Schwarz Von Blitzenkruz announces orders that the 'Jowetski Brigade', will cease operations in the current Ordo-War, being waged in Lifonlia.
Furthermore, the following orders are issued":

(a) Direktor aus Frontlinieverteidigung Hans Wagemueller is to return to Blitzenkruz for immediate post-operation interview.....
(b) All Herrschadeners from this Brigade, are to return to their original, parent regiments.
(c) With the exception of Monte-Cristons, all foreign nationals on service with this Brigade will volunteer for service in the Liebregt. Any wishing to re-direkt themselves in any other manner, are immediately sentenced to 20 years service in the Liebregt, or may be relocated in another manner...Monte-Cristons are granted an official 3-day Herrschaden-Visa and may then re-direkt themselves in any manner as prescribed in agreements between Der Direktorat and Monte-Cristo...
(d) The Jowetski Brigade colour is to be retired and placed in the 'Hall of the Lost', at Blitzenkruz.

"Additionally, Herrschaden removes all humanitarian aid and hopes the people of Lifonlia continue to enjoy their between Herrschaden and Lifonlia is now proscribed".

"That is all, for the moment....."

Nelnieh Trebor, Direktor aus Informationen
Korrekt authorization code ID: OIIIIIIIO



  1. Military redirektion seems to be in order: is a new (and major) threat looming over Herrschaden?

    Glad to cheer the boys back from the war, anyway...

  2. ...Herrschaden faces threats from all sides and will deal with those threats - in a pre-emptive manner...