Sunday, May 30, 2010

....Die Annalen der Zeit....

......translation continues......

" the middle of the 18th century, the Direktorat of Herrschaden had continued, reason, science and business had flourished for over 5 decades...the so-called 'crowned-heads' had noted the incredible advancements in Herrschaden food production, animal husbandry, industry, commerce and in particular, military capability..."

"......there was no question as to how the original Direktorenschelle had continued in control of the did not seem to matter, as the regime was obviously benign and non-expansionist. The Direktorats 'War of Reason' against 'Superstition' had never been relinquished. The fact that the Direktors refused to acknowledge any politics or religion, had resulted in huge and unexplained losses of men and material from various forces arrayed against it, evil, pus-soaked, pox-riddled forces..."

"......incredulous observers to many military engagements involving Herrschaden forces, were reduced to a near-catatonic state, by witnessing Herrschaden innovations, innitative and sheer brutal audacity - as one observer wrote: 'the unterdirektor of this regiment simply said: "it's all business".....' (the reporter who had written this comment, later suicided, reason/s unknown)....."

" the time of the rise of Fredericks Prussia, Herrschaden inventions and capability had so impressed the new King, he had sent a personal invitation to Lietung-Direktor Otto Schwarz von Blitzenkruz, to attend an engagement in Silesia, against the arrayed Russo-Austrian (or is that Austro-Russian?) forces, threatening Prussia.....naturally, the invitation was replied to by a junior member of the Direktorenschelle, with the comment "we will see what we feel like on the day, we cordially request you dont bother us anymore with your petty war, however, we do hope you enjoy it immensly - as will we"..........."

"as the annals show, some Herrschaden units were dispatched, because, "they had nothing better to do at the time...."



  1. 50 years? What does it mean, 50 years, in our 'Eveurope' avatar of the Multiverse where time is as elastic as space? From the WSS to the SYW me are set in 'Lace Wars' time.
    I'm sure all the major characters of the early Direktorat are still here (unless shot down in themeantime, of course), as fresh and young as ever.


    " certain all major characters in the Direktorat are still well in play - and prime condition..."