Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Achtung! Umschulung begann


"In accordance with central Direktive Nr. 879b, with due authorization from Lietung-Direktor Otto Schwarz Von Blitzenkruz, Direktor-Kommandant Kavallerie, Rupert de Perignon, announces the following":

"Dragoon Regiment Oebel, will formally be known as Light Dragoon Regiment Oebel. Members will transfer to Oesterschaden and be retrained in similar manner to the Oesterschaden Light Horse Regiment. Members of the regiment, not direkted to retrain in the mounted role, will further their role as foot jaegars, effective immediately".

"More to follow, eventually".........

Rupert de Perignon
Direktor-Kommondant Kavallerie
(Somewhere in Oesterschaden)

Korrekt Authorization Code ID: OIIIIIIIO


  1. Pics! Pics! Pics!

    Good to read from Herrschaden again!

  2. Herr Direktor is mistaken! Surely! Kould he not find a humble Jager zum Pferde to leaven the Dragons with?

  3. Direktors are not officially authorized to make 'mistakes'. Any actions deemed to be 'errors' or 'mistakes' are, of course, officially sanctioned, in accordance with Direktive 91, point (f), sub-paragraph ix. The regulations are quite clear and totally unambigious...we advise you refer to your copy of the regulations. You haven't misplaced your copy, have you, Herr Aechzener? That would be most unfortunate...
    The Oebel Distrikt is eminently suited for a mounted hunter force - complete with kreigshund attachement. The current requirement to raise a complete Light Cavalry Brigade at this time, is deemed of greater priority.


  4. Meaning that the Hundjaeger of the Einsatzkommandokampfgruppenherrschaden are to reappear in Oebel under a new, purely military, form?

  5. There have been rumours of a prolonged canine breeding program - very much inspired and encouraged by the unsurpassed animal husbandry introduced by Rupert de Perignon in fact. There is a possibility that an entire new breed of kreigshund may be made available in previously unavailable numbers. So much so, the corp itself could be dramatically expanded at a later date. A perfect compliment of course to foot jaegars, were there to be any of course......


  6. Impressive mastiffs there.

    Dismounted dragoons doubling as jaeger zu fuss there (*light* dragoons, given the shortness of their coat, by 18th C. standards -and SYW Prussian jaeger indeed wore cavalry boots).

    Would Eureka at last offer their 'Sandra' Hussars, Direktorix Katarin Lahmia would have at least a female squadron in her Oesterschaden Light Horse.