Saturday, July 3, 2010



W: Rupert, your'e back - have a decent time?

R: Cant complain Wolfgang, is he in?

W: Oh yes and waiting - you know he doesn't like to wait, such a 'now' person....
R: yeah, got it....

ANSBACH-HOFFEN! Send him in....!
W: At once Herr Lietung-Direktor (enjoy yourself Rupert...)

R: Herr Lietung-Direktor, reporting as instructed.

OSVB: Direktor Perignon......what kept you - wings clipped? Now - the lot, the South-East, how did it go?

R: Bit of a lark, few casualities, large cavalry engagement - the Oesterschadeners performed perfectly as direkted. The galloper-gun concept is more than sound, I suggest enabling a complete battery for each cavalry command. The battalion headquaters advisory Unterdirektors committee have advised the newly raised Monte-Criston volunteers battalion be maintained on establishment. We should deploy in brigade strength in the region.....

OSVB: Good. Then the independent reports are reconciled. You will return and maintain command in the distrikt. Two regular battalions will be posted within two moons. The galloper-guns will be raised to a full battery. The Oebel Dragoons order you gave has been recinded - they have another job - another light cavalry regiment will be deployed to brigade with the Oesterschadeners. Direktorix Katarin is flying in tonight - you leave in three days.

R: Very good Herr Lietung-Direktor.

OSVB: I didn't ask for your approval de Perignon - there is a full meeting of the board in two days time. The Herr Eye has listed the new Direktion to be undertaken, that is all, begone...


W: (under his breath)..."such a 'now' person"........


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