Saturday, July 10, 2010

2 hours...


The moon, not far away now, a full bright silver, perfect disc...Otto SChwarz Von Blitzenkruz, Lietung-Direktor aus Herrschaden stood and straightened his cap, smoothed his winter wolfs-fur cloak and walked to the door of his chamber. Opening it and striding through as only a Direktor can stride, guards from the Schwerstahl Grenadiers lining the tomb-like niches clicked heels, presented arms and stood straighter than they already were, eyes to front, blank - to the point of breaking - tough men, hard as granite, scarred, all had been in hellfire and wounded, disfigured, shot, stabbed - yet when he strode, they were like compliant puppies, no-one sane would want a life sentence in the Liebregt, would they?

At the far end of the corridor, there was a gathering. The Direktors of Herrschaden, all branches. Everyone was early - testimony to the gravitas itself - almost unbelievably even Wolfgang Ansbach-Hoffen, a martinet for time direktion, amongst a group known by outsiders as martinets for everything - especially time! As Von Blitzenkruz approached, the group fell silent, except for one - Direktorix Katarin Lahmia, with a flourish of plentiful skirt and more plentiful cleavage, she addressed Von Blitzenkruz, "Otto my dear, you look splendid". Von Blitzenkruz seemed to grow 8 inches and replied, "Thanks Katy, you dont scrub up so bad yourself", "Otto, you are such a silver-tounged, smooth talker", the incredibly stunning Direktorix purred in return.

"Hmhmpf", growled the ever stern Direktor Heinrich Wurzen - "I hate to break up the reunion Fraulein Direktorix, we have business to attend to". "Indeed", pronounced Direktor Walther Picklesturm. "Can we get on with it? I've got some other pressing business to attend to at one of my nightclubs", slurred Direktor Rupert 'de Poupre' De Perignon. "He's drunk and jealous again", Direktor Wolfgang Ansbach-Hoffen whispered to himself - "I'll make a note of that...."  

"Direktors, greetings", Otto Schwarz Von Blitzenkruz continued, "we are to sit at the board in just under two hours - the Governor will not be attending. I have been Direkted to issue the new Direktions. The second echelon of the board have been notified to standby, they will not be attending, the situation has changed, details will be revealed at the meeting. Until then, I suggest we have a drink - De Perignon! how many casks did you bring?.....


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