Monday, July 5, 2010


(Translated from recording documents):

WAH: Herr Lietung-Direktor!

OSVB: What is it Ansbach-Hoffen, dont just stand there with your tounge lolling on the ground - Direkt yourself man!

WAH: It's, she, arrived - here, now!

OSVB: "It's - she" - what - who?

WAH: The Direktorix Katarin Lahmia and a guest Herr L........

OSVB: ANSBACH-HOFFEN!!!!!!!! Dont keep the lady waiting with your dithering sycophantry - allow her in - NOW!

WAH: At once! (withdraws)

KL: Otto, Otto my dear, whats all this fuss about - the shouting and yelling? Sounds like one of the all-male bordellos on the seamy side of downtown are you?

OSVB: Ah, Kat - great to see you in the flesh - may I ask who your guest is?

KL: Of coursssse Otto, come here my dear, Otto wont bite - just yet - now, Lietung-Direktor otto Schwarz Von Blitzenkruz, may I introduce you to Princess Yennifa Icaska de Lille, of LANGDOUC  - Yennifa my darling, this is Otto.....

OSVB: Oh my dear, what a most lovely surprise, what an absolute honour and pleasure for you to meet me.....

YI: Katy, you never told me how handsome Lietung-Direktor Von.......

OSVB: Please my dear lady, call me Otto - we have so much to talk about, you and I - in private....



  1. It must be stressed that in Monte-Cristo the all-male bordellos - just like the all-female ones [the two most prestigious -and expensive- being ‘Le Morpion qui Vole’ (‘The Flying Body Crab’) and ‘La Maison du Soleil Levant’ (‘The House of the Rising Sun’) on the fabled Rue de Bourbon (named after Henri IV, who acknowledged the independance of Monte-Cristo)] - are patronized only by visiting foreigners: Monte-Cristans mock them for paying good money for what can be obtained for free with charm, wit and good conversation.

  2. I understand that all needs to be DIREKTED, and there is potentially a matter and State AND Defense secret here, but is it really credible Lady Katarina (as we call her in MC) and her repordely 'gorgeous' new friend passed totally unnoticed of papparazi while journeying through the Cote d'Azur? Did the (discret) escort of the Directorix eliminated all of them?

  3. The ladies travelled express - and exclusively by night, much quicker that way and avoids prying EYES.

    ....The Direktorix was of course mentioning the raucous noise which does tend to eminate from the famous all-male bordellos. Such places are of course most convenient when business is at hand and time is not.