Sunday, August 23, 2009

Letzte Nachrichten!


Attention! Breaking News!

Der Direktorat aus Herrschaden announces a new international publication. This exposes the myths, legends and many falsehoods attributed to Herrschaden by the enemy!

Updates will be constant and (naturally) 100% accurate.

Der Militarische Streitkraft, Freunde und Feinde aus Herrschaden by Direktor aus Anweisung Klaus von Steuben(copyright Herrschaden circa 1704), explores the regimental uniforms, flags, symbols, anecdotes and histories of all Herrschadener infantry, cavalry and artillery units, PLUS, never before seen specialist units from within the Direktorat! This publication also shows friends and foes of Herrschaden.

Attached, some latest images of a bitter foe: 'Ordo of the Bloodied Martyr', from LANGDOUC. Showing a senior officer from the Ecclesiarchy, and grenade-armed skirmishers, identified as members from Legio VI and Legio XIII.

This publication is authorized (Code ID: OIIIIIIIO).

This announcement by Direktor aus Kontrolle, Albrecht Stern,
authorized (Code ID: OIIIIIIIO).


Hope this works - it's a DIREKTIVE...

Direktor Images

Greetings mortals,

If you have been following this adventure into the establishment of Der Direktorat aus Herrschaden, you would have found some 'interesting'(?) deviations from the norm considered in 18thC Imagi-Nations.

Firstly, Der Direktorat: What is it?
A great question needing a great answer. Well, there isn't one. Essentially it's a growing nation of small regions. Geographically, Herrschaden is placed centred on the real-life COLDITZ castle. (Called BLITZENKRUZ). as for 'alignment' or 'position' within the 18thC, it doesn't really have one! Impressionably, the Direktorat is dark, foreboding, Gothic, Transylvanian and possibly 20thC East Germanic - all at once! (If that is even possible...).

Religion and politics do not exist in Herrschaden. The state is somewhat socialistic, nationalistic and a Dictatorship - there are no hereditary 'rulers'. Do not confuse Herrschaden with the 20thC NAZI's - though it is more than possible to label them as such, given some attitudes the Direktors display. Then again, would you label Fredericks Prussia with a NAZI tag?

They are not supremists, nor too much more radical in thought and attitude than many of the 'civilized' crowned heads of real-life 18thC Europe, notwithstanding all the 'gentlemenly' airs and graces, bowing, scraping and tugging forelocks!

We dont do that in Herrschaden. It is in essence, a military-based economy and the country is geared for war - but if it wasn't why would we be playing wargames?

So, for now, on behalf of the Direktorenschelle I would very much like to thank several true-life gentlemen, on two continents, across three countries, who are all helping to produce the Wargames Armed Forces of DER DIREKTORAT.

- Kev, from battleline, doing a load of painting.
- Jean-Louis for imagery and inspiration, editing and allowing the Direktors access to the great library in Monte-Cristo.
- Dave, for reducing his sleeping cycle, while receiving tonnage-weight in e-mailed images and documents and files of overload information and then producing what The Direktors have declared PERFECT and I regard as beautiful produced scale flags for the armies figures to carry.

I'll also mention that Front Rank miniatures have been fantastic for my purchases, in service and punctuality and also answering my enquiries. Yay Angela - have to name another female 'Direktorix' after you babe.

So, now we are up to date. My camera and photographic ability is obviously amateur - but you cant have everything - YET. Here then are a couple of shots of 'prototype' Direktor uniforms and models.

You see Von Stueben (with the sword - 'Old Iron-Fist'); Rupert de Perignon waving his hat around and showing off for the camera (Direktors dont like that); Katarin Lahmia (hope she is obvious!); an Unterdirektor in Field-Dress (could that be Haltermann or Wagemueller in Lifonlia?) and then - is it possible Otto Schwarz von Blitzenkruz himself?! Who can say? Time will tell...

Their stories are long, their characters are bold, their army frightening, their enemies abound...


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Order of the Tankard, awarded to Lietung-Direktor Otto Schwarz von Blitzenkruz
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They have been started, the first squadron is complete, 2nd squadron underway - 3rd and 4th are being mobilized. More great paintwork from Kev.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Achtung! Ansage Nr.3


"Der Direktorate aus Herrschaden announces the following:
Article 1.
a. Service in the Liebregt for life, is now reduced to only 20 years. This is not to be retrospective.
b. Any and all current members of this regiment, claiming, with korrekt proof (evidence in writing), to a prior citizenship of The Presipality of Monte-Cristo, are hereby released from service and may themselves become undirekted.
c. The Liebregt will now wear new headress - the cloth mitre cap - and accept volunteers. Volunteers need serve for a mere 10 years.

Article 2.
a. Sturmgrenadierabteilungschwerstahl will be raised to regimental status. This formation is authorised (Code ID: OIIIIIIIO) to raise a second battalion.
b. Grenadiers will now wear new headress - the fur mitre cap.
c. Additionally, Grenadiers will now wear full army uniform coat and trousers, dark blue, with black distinctions.
d. As a result of these fully-Direkted alterations, this regiment will now be known as:

Direktor-Infanterie, Heinrich Wurzen (Authorization Code ID: OIIIIIIIO).