Sunday, August 23, 2009

Letzte Nachrichten!


Attention! Breaking News!

Der Direktorat aus Herrschaden announces a new international publication. This exposes the myths, legends and many falsehoods attributed to Herrschaden by the enemy!

Updates will be constant and (naturally) 100% accurate.

Der Militarische Streitkraft, Freunde und Feinde aus Herrschaden by Direktor aus Anweisung Klaus von Steuben(copyright Herrschaden circa 1704), explores the regimental uniforms, flags, symbols, anecdotes and histories of all Herrschadener infantry, cavalry and artillery units, PLUS, never before seen specialist units from within the Direktorat! This publication also shows friends and foes of Herrschaden.

Attached, some latest images of a bitter foe: 'Ordo of the Bloodied Martyr', from LANGDOUC. Showing a senior officer from the Ecclesiarchy, and grenade-armed skirmishers, identified as members from Legio VI and Legio XIII.

This publication is authorized (Code ID: OIIIIIIIO).

This announcement by Direktor aus Kontrolle, Albrecht Stern,
authorized (Code ID: OIIIIIIIO).


  1. Very nice figues and very well painted.

    -- Jeff

  2. What a great mounted figure! Who manufactured it?

  3. I agree with both comments above :-)
    I think some of your figures are GW. Not sure about others.

  4. Ok,
    All these figs are Front Rank 28mm. The grenade-throwing figures are WSS British Fusiliers (I will be using Brit Fusilier minis for Ordo Legio infantry. The mounted figure is from the WSS British Personality range and is actually the Lord Cadogan model. I just added the feather on his hat and the eye-patch with greenstuff. There's a story behind that eye-patch too...

    Some of the other Direktorat figures are pure GW, or hybrid conversions of mixed Front Rank/GW bodies/heads/hats etc. I have a tendency to do what I want with 'special-characters'. Rank and file tend to be 'off-the shelf', stock standard. Though on a whim, unit officers, NCO's, musicians etc might get a bit of a once-over with a bit of clipper, file and drilling action etc.

    Thanks again.